James Hampton, Ph.D.

B.S., M.S., University of Cincinnati

Ph.D. at Cornell University

"All that we may see or seem is but a gene within a gene." ~James Hampton, Ph.D.

About Dr. Hampton

Dr. James Hampton is a Professor of Biology at Buena Vista University and has almost two decades of experience teaching Genetics, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology. His research students investigate aging, gene expression, color vision and the evolution of adaptive behavior. He is a graduate of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York where he earned a Ph.D. in genetics and development. He was a fellow with the American Council on Education in 2002/2003, during which time he served as an assistant to the president of Harvey Mudd College. He has served on selection panels for the Council of Independent Colleges in Washington D.C., and as the Chair of the Finance Committee of the Iowa Academy of Science. In addition to his academic role, Dr. Hampton has served Buena Vista University as the Assistant Dean of Faculty, Special Gifts Officer, Strategic Planning Assistant and Chair of the Faculty Senate. In his spare time, he restores old homes with his wife, Patricia. Dr. Hampton welcomes the opportunity to work with students and educators at every level.