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Past Edge Events

EDGED OUT 2012 - 3hours, Colossus, Even Diamonds are Deceiving, The Evil That Men Do, Tracings

EDGEfest 2012 - The Paramount, A Casual Affair, Blessed are the Merciless, 3 Wolf Moon, Take me to Vegas, Byleth, Index Case

EDGED OUT VII - Tribes, Omari, Saul, Mass Affect, For the Empire, What Dwells Within

EDGEfest 2011


EDGEfest 2010 - Broadway, The Suit, For All Those Sleeping, outRAGEus, Hillhaven Raven, Classic in the Making, Till Flames Fall

EDGEdOUT V - The Suit, After the Fall, A Past Unknown, Goodnight Prince, Give to the Winds, Backdrop

EDGEfest '09 - Emarosa, Adelynne, Victim or Victory, A No Coast November, Cold Steel, All the Right Moves, Sail By the Stars

EDGEdOUT IV - Ancient Elm, Mersa, Sleep Is The Enemy, Atombender, A No Coast November, Finding the Warren, Cold Steel , Vow of Silence

EDGEfest '08 - Emphatic, Four Word Cause, Mindrite, Throw The Fight, Destrophy, Same Sick Feeling, Here's My Chance

EDGEdOUT III - One Flew Over, Saul, The Benedict Affair, Here's My Chance, 12oz. Empty, Grinwire, Indecision Kills, Goodbye Vienna

EDGEfest '07 - Grinwire, 360Smile, Facecage, Throw the Fight, Index Case, National Fire Theory

EDGEdOUT2 - iNsidedowN, Goodbye Vienna, Hold for Swank, Unholy Congregation, In Letters, 360Smile, Stuck With Arthur, Fury Never Fades

EDGEfest '06 - Tobias, All but Screaming, SixBySilver, BlackTop Mourning, Straight Outta Junior High, Index Case, Only

EDGEdOUT #1 - Tantrum2Blind, From Dust, Parallex, Hold for Swank, Beneath the Horizon, Straight Outta Junior High, FreakLabel, Angry Gods of the Radio

Edgefest '05 - OverSight, City Beautiful, Brand New Heroes, FreakLabel, Bound2be, Open Season