Citation Guides for Political Science and Public Administration


A word about citation:  Students enrolled in my courses are reminded of the differences in format for footnote and bibliographic entries.  In general, I prefer footnotes to endnotes.  Parenthetical, in-text citations of the type seen in the major political science journals are also accepted.  You'll recall that I much prefer the  Chicago Manual of Style approach to footnote and bibliographic entry. 


                [Excellent guide to Chicago style.  Other approaches, such as APA and MLA are represented]


                [Very useful link, halfway or so down the page, for students having trouble citing electronic sources in Chicago style]


                [Very simple, basic presentation of footnote and bibliographic entry formats.]


                [Nice presentation of answers to commonly asked style questions.  A searchable index makes this site very useful.]


                Good Advice for Research Paper Writers

  1. Always staple your paper in the upper left-hand corner.  Do not use plastic covers, folders, or binders.

  2. Print your paper in Times New Roman or Courier font.  All print, including title page materials, section headings, and footnotes, should be 12 pt. in size.  Double-space the body of your paper.        

  3. Do not forget to include a bibliography (this is your complete list of sources, arranged in alphabetical order).  Single-space within each entry and include two spaces between different entries.  Be certain to use correct techniques when listing multiple works from the same author(s).

  4. Page numbers are expected - on all but the title page and first page of the document. 

  5. Always include a title page.

  6. Proofread your paper once.  Then, proofread your paper again and, perhaps, again.  Use spell check and grammar check.  Papers frought with spelling and grammatical problems receive, in almost all circumstances, low grades.