Camburn Prairie quiz

Black-Eyed Susan Black-Eyed Susan Big Bluestem Ground Cherry New England Aster Wild Lettuce Goldenrod Prairie Sage Yellow Foxtail Catnip Queen Anne's Lace Indian Grass Rattlesnake Master False Boneset Purple Coneflower Horsemint  

To view a question about each of the plants in this ecosystem scroll the cursor over the picture or click on the text links to the right.

  Click on the list of plants below or the picture to the left to get a quiz question about each one.

In this picture:
Big Bluestem
Black-Eyed Susan
False Boneset
Ground Cherry
Indian Grass
New England Aster
Prairie Sage
Purple Coneflower
Queen Anne's Lace
Rattlesnake Master
Wild Lettuce
Yellow Foxtail

Special thanks to Art and Sharon Camburn for their hospitality and good land stewardship.

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